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Brand New From Magasco “Sokoto” A Must Watch Video

Hello people,
Here we go with another gossip, Magasco’s “So-ko-to.” This track produce by SANGTUM & ROBOSTER and directed by our almighty DR NKENG STEPHENS is superb.
The video, shoot in Buea’s Campaign street 2, South West region of Cameroon features some big faces in the industry amongst whom Dex Willy, CEO of WAR MACHINE, disguised as a starving truck guy.
But I really hope Magasco will one day chose one of these chicks and accept her FOR BETTER FOR WORST. If not, another Angelina might come up. This guy, has got his fair share already – Bella, Belinda, Shan’l etc.
It’s all for showbiz, it’s all for fun…
Nice one Mr. Wule Bang Bang,
Empire Company has done it again and our Bamenda boy has definitely set the tune for the 2017 Christmas parties.
If you’ve not yet had a chance to watch and enjoy SOKOTO, click below.