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Brand New: Lil Love, Cameroon’s Promising Raising Star Drops New Single “Come Closer”

Lil Love, born Samfass Emmanuel Kachelly is a dreaded Cameroonian upcoming artist who has gained momentum in the 237 music industry with the release of his hit song Come Closer.

He started singing while in primary and secondary school. After attending gatherings and music competitions to showcase his talent, he gained the needed experience and was acknowledged by some popular Icons in the music industry like Baron karson, Blue J, P Jem , WanShey and Crusade.

Lil Love has participated in a number of music contests among which is The Kintarir Promote Music Contest where he emerged as the winner.

Unlike many other artists, Lil Love is an autodidact. He holds a Higher National Diploma in Journalism from the Siantou University Institute.

The audio of his début single Come Closer was released in December 2017 while the video dropped on YouTube two weeks ago.

Here is the Youtube link of Come Closer

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