Joke: Malo Steals His Faher’s Whiskey

Tonight, Malo’s parents have guests. After the meal, Malo was asked to go to his room. From there, he hears the guests complimenting his father on the quality of his whiskey. No one has ever drunk one as good! Intrigued, Malo decides to taste the whiskey secretly the next day.

What he does. But he is surprised by his father, the bottle to the mouth. The father says nothing. He puts some whiskey in a glass, and water in another glass. Then, he asks Malo to follow him in the garden, and says:

– Look very carefully, Malo. I will do an experiment in front of you!

He puts a worm in the glass of whiskey and another worm in the glass of water. The worm wriggles in whiskey and eventually dies. The one in the water is doing well.

– Did you observe, son? asks Malo’s father.

– Yes Dad.

– So, what is your conclusion?

– Well, when we drink whiskey, we don’t risk catching worms!


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