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Lé Featurist “Tu Connais”: A Tribute To The Bamileke Woman

After their single “One Day”, City and Yanstar of the “Lé Featurist” have signed their comeback in a Rumba-Makossa style “Tu Connais” a single which is another teaser of their upcoming album “« Arrête Nous Si Tu Peux »…

Through this song, the artists pay tribute to the Cameroonian woman, more precisely the Bamileke woman of the grass land fields of West Cameroon, recognized as an epitome of African beauty internally and externally through her hard work and behavior.

The simplicity of the lyrics both in pidgin and Cam franglais (colloquially called “slang”) and the shooting site, direct us to her, a truer self-reflection,  a vessel of traditional values…

“Android youth” that we are today, lack much of such qualities and the “Lé Featurist” are simply showing us how our behavior as Africans should be like. What’s more beautiful than to value one’s own country, one’s own culture?

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