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Let’s Pay Tribute To This Cameroonian Music Icon: Ben DECCA

Born MOUANGUE EYOUM Victor, Ben Decca comes from a family of several children among whom three big names of the makossa music genre; Grace, Dora and Issaac Decca.

Ben Decca: artist musician, singer, composer has been in the industry for over 30 years. He is a tenor of the rhythm of his home, “Makossa”, the dance of the people of the water.

Loved in and out of the country and very far beyond the African continent, his title Alane Mba, an extract of his first album Saphir, is a reference and thus reiterates Papa Ben’s emblematic position in the local music industry.

Born from a trader father  and a housewife mother, nothing predestined him to a musical career, added to the fact that he was brought up in a truly God fearing family.

As said by the icon himself,  his childhood was not the sweetest: half rigid, half affectionate with a father so rigorous.

It was finally at age 15, in full adolescence, that the young Benjamin opened up to his dad.

Now you know all about the life of Ben DECCA, who could have imagined that such a childhood will lead him to his current postion in the world of music…

Whatever the case, what can we say, apart from screaming out loud…

THANKS Daddy Ben for the sweet and heart warming melodies…

This is one of his best ( according to me), enjoy people…


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