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Love: 5 Awkward Questions You Must Ask Anyone You Intend To Marry

Some of these things are spoken and some unspoken. Lovers learn things about each other just by being together and doing things with each other; which is why it is important for couples to date, converse so many times, engage in so many social and other activities together just so their hearts become knitted together to the point where marriage holds the promise of a better future for them.

But then some things will remain unknown till you ask. This would be no problem if you are asking about simple subjects like genotype, their family tree and educational background, etc.

On the other hand, things may become awkward when you consider getting some other information. But because you need to marry them and it requires all the information possible before that happens, you cannot shy away from asking about those things.

Now what are those five things that could cause awkwardness when being inquired about? We list five of them below:

1. Fetishes
It may be a little awkward discussing the possibility that your partner has fetishes and weird sexual fantasies. But you must discuss it because you will be having [a lot of] sex when you marry and rude shocks are really best avoided.

2. Money
Money isn’t always fun to talk about most times, especially when budgets are to be planned and decisions made about how the day to day affairs of the home will be run. Who pays for what? Who is responsible for which bill?

Because the way modern relationships and marriages are being run, this conversation has become really important before you tie the knot with anyone.

3. Petty things
It may sound ridiculous to you but at some point before you marry, you need to talk about things like how and where the toothpaste is to be pressed from, whether or not the toilet seat is to be left up or down, whether or not phonecalls have to be daily or if texting would suffice.

Is it cool to chat in front of each other? are you okay with me peeing in front of you? Should I close the door before pooping? Should I knock if the bathroom door is closed? Would we need to share mobile phone passwords?

All these things may sound like trivial marriage problems but lesser things have been known to cause problems for couples.

4. Have you ever been pregnant?
If your partner has ever been pregnant you’d need to know. She’s actually expected to mention it to you herself. But on the assumption that she forgot to mention it despite having been with you for over a year, you should ask.

It may be awkward but you’d need to ask. And also ask if they’ve ever had an abortion.

5. Sexual history and STI’s
Imagine asking your boo if he has ever has an STI and if he ever got treated for it. This will be awkward whether it is the man asking or the woman . But it has to be done.

You’ve got to ask.