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(Video) Montess Opens Up About Her AFRIMA Win And Fires On Salatiel!

Guys, the long silence is over! The ‘Queen Kong’ has finally opened up about the AFRIMA aftermath happenings.

Who would have thought that she will speak up months after mockers discredited her Afrima win? Certainly not I…

Well, luckily enough her recent outing proved beyond reasonable doubts that being quiet does not mean being stupid or dumb. It turns out Montess has got in depth knowledge of what the AWARD- AFRIMA is all about: How songs get selected after submitting, nominated, voted and then awarded. Something most critics and most of us didn’t know much about.

We all think buzz and YouTube views are good enough criteria for selection! Are these really what it takes to grab home an AFRIMA?

The Queen Kong just proved us wrong.

The Buea based Diva who won BEST FEMALE CENTRAL AFRICA 2017 at the AFRIMA for her song LOVE WITTA GUN MAN feels disappointed about how low her own people rate her works. The negative comments she received from fans and non fans and particularly from Alpha Better Boss Salatiel, whom she looked up to were hurtful.

No time for Montess to properly celebrate her win…

Here is the video in which Montess says it all, watch like and don’t forget to drop an inspiring comment just below.