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Nappy Hair: All You Need To Know About Natural Hair Care

Are you a nappy girl or are you coming back to natural? Routines, hairstyles, products and tips, here’s everything you need to know to properly maintain your natural hair.

What to do in the evening, at the time you’re shampooing?

In the evening before taking the shower, it is necessary to moisturize the hair. There are several ways to do it: you can use a moisturizing spray. It is not necessary to wet the hair, it must slightly rehydrate.

When shampooing, it is important to use gentle products. In general we make two shampoos, a clarifier and a moisturizer. The clarifier will rid the hair of residues, pollution, dead skin and sebum extract.

Moisturizing shampoo, softer with less detergent, has nutrients to begin rebalancing the fiber and softening it.

Finally, always finish with a conditioner or, preferably, a mask. We simply follow the protocol of the range used and rinse the product. The hair is then washed and conditioned, that is to say ready to receive the care that will plump in hydration and nutrition. A ritual that facilitates styling.

What care to use?

The closer the crimp is, the more the hair is dry. The more frizzy the hair, the more you have to go to treatments that have a creamy texture, close to butter. These treatments have a heavier texture that will actually match the driest hair because they have a lot of moisturizing and nutritive agents with, among other things, proteins. This formulation will ideally feed this type of fiber and well gainer.

If the crimp is a little slacker, it is better to use a milk texture.

The styling of frizzy hair

After the shampoo and the conditioner or the mask, it is necessary to dry the hair with a microfiber towel that absorbs water more quickly, ideal for women in a hurry. To apply the care, the hair should not be soaked, but slightly damp so that it dries up during the night. Then you should use a cream or styling milk. It is necessary to saturate the hair, without excess, however, by evenly distributing the product.

In the evening before starting to do your hair, you must always think and anticipate the hairstyle that you want to be done the next morning. It is better to make vanilla, because unlike mats, they are made and disintegrated quickly. In addition, when you undo a mat too tight, we tend to spoil his spikes where vanilla is undone in a jiffy. When the hair is long, we can twist the vanilla into cabbage.

In the evening after styling, it is very important to cover your hair with a hat or silk or satin scarf.

What to do next morning?

The next morning, remove the scarf or cap. Melt a nut of vegetable butter or oil is melted in ur hand, spread well over the palms and fingers to start breaking the vanilla easily. The butter or oil will deposit an extra protective film on the hair and give it a slight shine.

Depending on the effect you want to give to your “twist-out”, you can split the vanilla for a larger result or simply shape it with your fingers.

What type of comb or brush should I use?

In general, we think of the comb with big teeth. Me, I particularly like to use brushes but not just any. I like the round and flat brushes that our parents used before. This brush is quite exceptional in terms of disentangling natural hair because it does not hurt, it detangles the fiber quickly and efficiently and I find it more effective than a comb with big tooth.

There are also quite flexible professional brushes with the same system of plastic pins to unravel. By cons, it is essential to avoid iron brushes and especially those with small plastic balls at the end that tear the hair. Combs with tight teeth are also to be banned.