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Salatiel And Magasco Celebrate The Woman in New Single “Sans Complexe”

Alpha better Records CEO and Mr. Wule Bang Bang-Magasco have finally succeeded to put big smiles on the faces of women world over.

“Sans Complexe” is the title of the hit song that brings together these two magnets of Cameroon’s Urban music.

The beautiful peace of work is a call for women without distinction of race or complexion, to be proud of what they are, whether  short, tall, chubby , round, fat or thin. All women are beautiful!

Produced by Salatiel himself, from the studios of Alpha Better Records, a few days after he appeared in one episode of the famous web series “Pakgne,” the CEO promises that the video, highly awaited by fans and music lovers, will be out soonest.

Meantime, listen, comment and share the audio below….