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Tiaras, Barrettes, Headbands … 8 Accessories to Enhance The Bride’s Hairstyle

Hair clips, bun clip or headband … Discover our selection of hair accessories for a beautiful bridal hairstyle.

Tiaras and crowns for a royal look

To wear a romantic bridal look, for example, you can choose to wear a thin crown of hair, golden or adorned with small flowers, on your loose hair or on your bun. Ideal to add a chic and bohemian touch in your hair.

Do you want a bridal accessory like “princess”? Opt for a classic tiara, rhinestones or crystals, to put on the top of your head or your bun.

The elegant bars and combs


To tie your hair, or decorate a raised hairstyle, the bars and combs can make the difference. There are all kinds: big, finer, with rhinestones, with pearls or with flowers. They are to choose depending on the shape of your hairstyle, for example if your hair is simply detached, use a bar with two combs and a chain that links the two to dress your hair elegantly.


Head jewelry

Very fine, these jewels are perfect to adorn buns or braids with a touch of originality and romance.

Adorned with pearls, rhinestones or small flowers, they wrap around the hairstyle, and stand out while remaining discreet and elegant. To adopt urgently!


The trendy headbands

Whether floral or metallic, wedding headbands are on the rise! Looking to have a springtime and hyper romantic look? Do not hesitate, the flower headband is for you, according to your taste, your hairstyle and your dress.