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(Video) Bidman Apologizes To Lil Wayne Ending Beef Over Monetary Issues

The beef between Lil Wayne and his Cash Money boss Birdman has finally ended after the father apologized to his son over the weekend.

Birdman made a public apology to Lil Wayne during the one-day Lil’ Weezyana Fest in New Orleans. The pair settled their legal issues in June, allowing Lil Wayne to terminate his contract with Cash Money Records.

“It feels amazing to be home fucking with my son, I love that nigga to death,” Birdman said on stage during the festival. “I don’t know what y’all know but I know what the fuck I know and I know how I feel about what I know. I knew this day was gon’ come but I ain’t know when it was gon’ come. But this nigga right chea? The best nigga, the realest nigga, the illest nigga. And I wanted to apologize to my nigga worldwide to let him know that, you heard me? That nigga put his life in my hands and Ima keep it real with that nigga and we gon’ do this shit ’till the day we die. It’s YMCMB for death. Fuck you, you heard me?

The rapper had previously been vocal about claims that he was owed money as a result of the dispute.

Lil Wayne and his lawyers claimed in court documents that Birdman and Universal Music Group worked together to shortchange him by tens of millions of dollars.

His lawyer Howard King, filed court documents in which Wagne claimed that UMG and Birdman knowingly backdated deals in order to give the impression that they were signed before Young Money’s deal with its parents company, Cash Money records, ran out.

The documents claim that as a result, Lil Wayne lost out on major bank. Lil Wayne has been suing UMG for this money since 2016, seeking $40 million in damages and unpaid profits.