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White Man Becomes Black: Tattoo Addict Eli Ink Covers His Entire Body With Ink

While some of our African sisters and  brothers are killing themselves skin-bleaching to become “WHITE” … The white man is also fighting to become BLACK. Very funny isn’t it?

Well,  you would not be able to recognize Eli Ink a few years ago. He totally transformed his face by being pierced, but especially by being tattooed every inch of his face. Better still, his whole body is tattooed in black.

This 27-year-old British is so crazy about tattoos. He had each square inch of his body covered with a black tattoo. Nothing has escaped, even the inside of his mouth is tattooed, as well as his eye white. “I want to look like an abstract character from a Picasso painting,” says Eli Ink. It took him about 10 years to get the desired result.

In addition to his uniform tattoo, Eli chose to be pierced all over the face. The most impressive is the ink he has introduced into his eyeball to have a black eye. Fortunately for him, this delicate operation has succeeded.

The tattoo has completely changed his life. He gave up his job as a gardener to devote himself to body modification and become a tattoo artist himself. Since changing his look, he has also found love with Holly.