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Love Story: This Is What Fally Ipupa Said About His Wife “Nana Ketchup”

“I knew the mother of my children when I was nothing at all, just a young ordinary little musician, amateur kibinda, I was all skinny with my voice and my little nose.

Her family nicknamed me “PUKU” (Little Rat), they said that I was not a good guy for Nana. And she kept laughing, answering: “batika star na nga” (leave my star alone).

She strongly encouraged me when I was singing in the neighborhood, she stared straight in my eyes with a smile. At one point she started staring at me without saying anything …

This is when I saw a game of a woman in love with me. I also began to support her eyes by singing and dancing, and she also did not stop dancing and singing my songs, she always saw the good side of me.

At that time, she was the manager at Gombe, where she worked with Belgians, and dressed so expensive, I mean Gianni Versace and so on. She traveled all the time by going back and forth to Paris, Brussels, Kinshasa. Sometimes, when she saw me with a Gondo na lipapa (panties and babouche), she did not deny me.

She was helping me a little spagnol (money) to buy my clothes. She cared for me, and asked me “Are you hungry ? Can I buy you something to eat?”, And me as shy that I am, I was kind of a bandalungwa guy what …

I always answered the same thing “Te … looké te” (no thank you, I need nothing). While I was hungry, means miaaa strong ozo feel libumu ezo lela “kro o .. kro..kro” but ki bandalungwa kaka (damn it).

Today, her patience is rewarded, I return the elevator.

She is now the wife of El Professor Fally Ipupa, the only Congolese artist with the highest title in the world and I am in love with the most generous, the first person who has believed in me, the adorable woman, the one who replaces my mother, my life, the most beautiful in the world is the mother of my children. Means tokoss neti na film “.

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