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News: Mr Leo, Salatiel And Team Dancers Involved In A Car Accident

June 23rd 2018 was black Saturday for the Alpha Better Record’s. family

Label boss Salatiel and co – Mr Leo alongside their dancers were on their way to Buea after a 2018 successful ‘World’s Music Day’ Celebration in Yaounde when a mad truck clashed with a their van few meters after Edea.

Alpha Better Van in shambles

Bumped from behind, the truck pushed the Van into somersaulting three times before landing and thankfully, no life was lost and all the musicians and dancers have reported for medical checks as ordered by label boss, Salatiel.

The Van is presently in a very bad state making the entire team to celebrate God’s Grace that protected those involved.

The Entire Alpha Better Records team is grateful to all those who have been reaching out to express their sympathy. It was truly a Miracle and the team members are grateful to God for protecting their lives.