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Mr Leo Drops New Song “C’est pas Nouveau”

Now we all know everything Leo drops is a hit and it seems the kamer star has really decided to chill and enjoy the fruit of his success as portrayed by his recent works. “C’est pas nouveau” his latest and “C’est la vie” feat. Salatiel, realeased two (2) months back talk about enjoying life to […]

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“We Need Peace” – Cameroon’s Top Recording Artists Sing For Peace

The anglophone crisis in English Cameroon is getting worse, and outside observers are beginning to notice. According to Amnesty International, “alarm bells are ringing”. While the serious armed attacks from both sides have pushed the country towards violent conflict and has made the prospects for peaceful dialogue ever dimmer, Cameroonians still believe something can be done […]

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Ch!njong X Ch!njong ft Mr Leo – Shayo (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Shayo” is the title of the new single from Cameroon’s freshest Electronic Music Siblings; Ch!njong X Ch!njong (Cxc)… featuring 237’s Sensation, Mr Leo. The video features vixen Shetuh Miaya. “Shayo” is a CxC production, mixed and mastered by Akwandor and video directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens of CPE, and Artnurin. Enjoy!

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News: Mr Leo, Salatiel And Team Dancers Involved In A Car Accident

June 23rd 2018 was black Saturday for the Alpha Better Record’s. family Label boss Salatiel and co – Mr Leo alongside their dancers were on their way to Buea after a 2018 successful ‘World’s Music Day’ Celebration in Yaounde when a mad truck clashed with a their van few meters after Edea. Bumped from behind, […]

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This Is The Story Of How Mr Leo Fought To Eradicate Poverty From His Life, “On Se Connait Pas”

Cameroon’s finest Mr Leo has finally dropped the video of his latest single “On Se Connait Pas”. Composed by Mr. Leo, directed by DR. Nkeng Stephens of CPE and produced and mastered by Akwandor, the song is the story of how Mr Leo fought to eradicate poverty from his life. Funny, isn’t it? It’s no joke, […]

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Get A Chance To Participate In The Danse Video Of Mr Leo’s New Single “On Se Connais Pas”

It’s hot, it’s super inspired and above all it’s from Mr On Va Gerer…There couldn’t be anything better to spice up labour day celeberations in Cameroon. On se connait pas  published on May 1st 2018,  composed by Mr Leo and produced and mastered in house by Akwandor is just another perfect piece from Alpha Better Records. […]

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Mr Leo ft Flavour “Jamais Jamais Remix” Watch The Video Here!

Published this 3 April 2018, the long awaited and highly popularise ‘Jamais Jamais Remix’ official video performed by Mr. Leo and Flavour is here. Composed by both superstars, produced by Akwandor, mixed and mastered by Salatiel, and video directed by MATTMAX, “Jamais Jamais remix is Mr. Leo’s 2nd signature for 2018, and it’s just what Kamer […]

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“J’Suis Désolé” By Mr. Leo: Video Finally Drops

Sweet, sweet and so sweet! What else can we expect from Mr. Leo, the reigning 237 Afro Pop king? I wonder where this guy purges all this inspiration from. Seriously, this song will melt even the most harden female heart. Well guys, ‘J’ Suis Désolé’ is the latest release of our one and only, Alpha […]

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All You Need To Know About Mr Leo’s Album “Love Original”

Barely three months after the release of another one of his record hit singles “Partout”, Mr Leo, is back on the hit list, with the release of  Love Original, his first studio album. The 12 track album, is a merger of the artiste hit songs and some brand new titles, namely, Love Original, Pray, Femme ft […]

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Mr. Leo alias Black Boy or say Mr. Philanthropic has done it again. “Partout” the latest is making headline in and out of Cameroon and fans are just loving it. Officially released on Sunday 6th of August 2017, #Partout registered nearly 40,000 views 24 hours upon its release and today, it accounts for over 234,000 […]