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Mr. Leo alias Black Boy or say Mr. Philanthropic has done it again. “Partout” the latest is making headline in and out of Cameroon and fans are just loving it.

Officially released on Sunday 6th of August 2017, #Partout registered nearly 40,000 views 24 hours upon its release and today, it accounts for over 234,000 views still counting…

Being one of Cameroon’s top artist, rocking the most famous music playlists, this piece is a celebration of success, but also a thank you to all his fans. The beat, a mixture of reggae and afro beat designed by Salatiel, gives a desire for movement and joy.

After the plethora of “Partout” shows organized in Cameroon and the US of A, Mutumbu is now in the the Britain for an intriguing UK Tour…more on that, coming up…

As for now, entertain the HE/SHE at the other end of the call, download #Partout as ring back tone on MTNZIK.

Dial * 146*5#