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“We Need Peace” – Cameroon’s Top Recording Artists Sing For Peace

The anglophone crisis in English Cameroon is getting worse, and outside observers are beginning to notice. According to Amnesty International, “alarm bells are ringing”.

While the serious armed attacks from both sides have pushed the country towards violent conflict and has made the prospects for peaceful dialogue ever dimmer, Cameroonians still believe something can be done to put an end to the current happenings.

Featuring Salatiel in a song, an anthem for peace in Cameroon – Nabila, Ko-C, Blanche Bailly, Daphne, Minks’, Mr Leo, Pit Baccardi, Blaise B and Sango Edi, call for an end to the sufferings and killings.

It is only in a peaceful environment that all good things are possible, whereas in the absence of peace, as we’ve witnessed, we cannot achieve anything of a positive nature, either as individuals, or as a community, or even at a national or international level.

“We need peace” produced by Salatiel and composed by all featuring artists.

Take a listen and encourage the movement.