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Blanche Bailly Finally Puts And End To The Wait: DINGUO Is Out

The long awaited single of Blanche Bailly « DINGUO » is finally out. Shoot in the capital city, Yaounde and directed by Adah Akenji, the shoots are far from what many expected to see.

“Dinguo” narrates the story of a guy who has been able to put Blanche Bailly in all state of mind, but little could anyone imagine, mystery man, is a fake white looking mannequin. We all expected to see flesh, blood and bones, fresh and bronze skin, similar to scenes in “Mimbayeur”, feel the dinguo and enjoy the love…

Let’s however trust in our brother, Adah Akenji’s talent. The choice of a Mannequin maybe a strategy to get us all talking and make buzz…Who knows!!! We’ve fell in the trap already…

Whatever it may be

We all love our Queen Mimba…

Encouraging our 237 Talents is of utmost importance.
Here’s the track served for you guys, watch, like and share….Don’t forget to drop a positive comment.

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