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Daphne Finally Gets Married! Jusqu’à La Gare

This is definitely the season of big releases in Cameroon, Blanche Bailly, Mr Leo, Alpha Better Records, Empire Company and Daphne just to name these are keeping us entrained.
December feasting in Cameroon will in no way run short of songs for celebration, in the Cameroonian Christmas style of course.
Well guys, enough of the long talk, let focus on Daphne who is no longer just “Calee” but madly in love and to top it all, married to our own Numerica in her latest song videos, “Jusqu’a la gare” and “Promets moi”.
Am sure everyone has already watched the videos, if you haven’t yet, you are really missing out on something big.
Both videos were released to the general public on November 15, 2017. While many media men and women are busy comparing who between Nkeng Stephens are Adah Akenji did the best job in “Jusqu’a la gare” and “Promet Moi” respectively as directors, I say both videos are superb.
The only comment that however, lingers from this end is, what’s going on between Daphne and Numerica? Is it a stratergy like that in Yemi Alade’s “Johnny” and “Tangerine” with Alex Ekubo playing the lead roles in either songs or will these two birds become our own Beyonce and Jay Z?
Let’s wait and see…
Meantime enjoy the videos below! Other hits are getting set for the December race…From Daphne, next stop will maybe be our Babaah Masters with their almighty LIVAM. Cameroon-Cote d’Ivoire.

Daphne – Promets Moi (Official Video)

Brand New: Daphne – Jusqu’à La Gare (Official Video)