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Comedy: An Overview Of One Of Cameroon’s Finest, Njasso

DOUMBE David is a native of the Littoral region and one of Cameroon’s finest comedian popular known by his stage name “NJASSO.”

Coming from a family of 10 children he is the only “cock” among 9 girls. This did not prevent him from maintaining a strong bond with his sisters.

The very recent death of the only parent he had left; his mother, weakened him though not enough to stop him from forging ahead.

His passion for comedy, humor routed him from his main business. Being a custom clearance agent at the SCCMS in 2003, Prof Njasso could not fully serve two masters at a time. He frequently alternated this function with being a radio actor on Dynamic FM, where he also trained other young actors. He left SCCMS permanently in 2006 and continued his career at Dynamic FM.

However, after the death of the Dynamic FM boss, he left for Equinoxe in 2004. His captivating interventions on the very famous show “Disons Tout” could not go unnoticed. It catapulted the comedian and made him known nationwide.

Unfortunately everything did not go as planned. After 13 years of career he had to leave the media house due to multiple disagreement. The comedian whose copyrights was not paid sued Equinoxe TV and the trial is still pending.

While hoping that justice will prevail, it is hard to comprehend how such a very great comedian, who won a Canal 2’Or in 2007, would find himself in such a situation.

Good luck to you, NJASSO