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Ghana: The West African Country Will Soon Legalize Homosexuality

According to a Ghanaian news site, president, Nana Akufo-Addo, recently granted an interview to Aljazeera English in which he implied that homosexuality will eventually be legalized in Ghana.

This statement was followed by another offer from the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who says Britain is to blame for making homosexuality illegal in Ghana.

Having colonized Ghana for over 140 years, the British Prime Minister at the Commonwealth heads of states conference said Britain will now be helping government re-write Ghana’s anti-gay laws by making it legal and accommodating of gays and lesbians.

So far, most homophobic laws used by former colonies of Britain have seen gays and lesbian subjected to brutal treatment, death by hanging, excommunication from the church and even medical testing in extreme cases.
In Nigeria and other conservative countries, for example, there are strict laws which even bans two men from walking in public arms in arms. More so is it very illegal for gays and lesbians to display public affection.

Though these repressive laws are non-existent in Ghana, members of the gay community continue to be in hiding especially when stigma, rejection and extreme cases of mob action are rife.

So far, there is no definitive law in Ghana which says homosexuality is criminal. In fact, President Akufo-Addo was pressured to state his stance on the controversial issue after granting an interview with Aljazeera English.

Nana Addo in that interview on homosexuality argued that there could only be a legalization when society accepts the practice and lobbies are heightened.