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The Cameroonian Comedian With Nigerian Accent: HOGA

Cameroon bursts of several actors who at first sight have triggered a good dose of humor.

For this sequence, we will dwell on Mr. ESSOME NZIMA Jean Delor, a very old and popular face of the comedy scene.Known as “Hoga”, the Cameroonian actor with the “Nigerianized” language has been practicing since 1996.

He can only be proud of his career which so far helps him take care of his little family.

Let’s rather say, he made his passion his profession, and the reward has been so far so good…

As a good observer, he uses societal ills to pass across peculiar messages.

He has been chosen by the littoral health authorities as the regional mascot for the campaign against poliomyelitis whose first round was in 2015.

This wasn’t at all by chance given that “Hoga” has a special way of making listeners or viewers pay attention to whatever he does.

In other words, nothing is magic! Everyone has a talent and could use it wisely.

Continue in this same vein Hoga,

All work well done gets a reward.