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For Women: If He Does Not Do These 5 Things For You, Let Him Go

It is not enough to just be in a relationship. The need to be in a ‘great’ relationship should always trump the need to just be someone’s boo or bae.
Sadly, the need for the latter is often mistaken as the more important one instead of the former. But of course, that is not how it should be. It is great to have a boyfriend but it is more important to have one who is not just in your life for the fun of it.

So if you have one who doesn’t do any of the following five things, he’s no better than just an unnecessary piece of furniture on an already crowded surface. You really need to let him go.

1. Support you
If your boyfriend is not a believer in your abilities or in the things you do and spend most of your time and energy on, it’s grounds enough for him to be dumped. You need someone in your life who pushes you with his actions and encourages you with his words.

2. Respect you
Respect is far too important to take with a pinch of salt. So if yours is a man who needs to be taught the basic things about respect and he’s not even catching up, you are really free to let him go.

Every man who considers himself old enough to be in a relationship shouldn’t have to be taught how to respect and treat a woman right. If he fails on this front, every self-respecting woman knows better than to constantly battle for respect and fair treatment, especially from the man she calls her own!

3. Respect your family
His respect should not be limited to just you particularly when your relationship is marriage intended. He does not need to love your parents and family members. That is a demand too much to make if him. But of a necessity, he must respect them – every single of them.

This is an unbendable rule. Don’t sell your folks and siblings cheap. Demand this at all times and let him go if he feels too big to comply.

4. Doesn’t let you express yourself
Refusal to communicate with you or allow you express your thoughts, emotions and feelings in a relationship is a grave offence that you really should not take lightly, ever!

The operative word here is stonewalling, and where this is the order of the day, it is difficult to imagine such relationship growing or blossoming into anything magical or enviable.

If he’s closed off and habitually shuts down communication, it really is pointless trying to make things work with this guy. Let him go.

5. Doesn’t put in enough effort
If you have repeatedly tried to make him put in more effort into pleasing you sexually, treating you right and other reasonable demands you may have, you need to let him go if he refuses to do just that.