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Sathom J: The Talented Cameroonian Artist Who Knows How To Seduce His Audience

Sathom J, born Samekomble Sankara Thomas Jupiter, is an artist who knows what it takes to seduce vibrant music lovers in Cameroon.

Born October 11, 1985, Sathom J made his first mark in music at his school school, Saint Jean Bosco de Doumé, East region of Cameroon. At the age of 17, he joined the fanfare club of College Tétap in Bertoua.

Influenced by one of Cameroon’s finest artists, Mpandé Stars, he began writing his own texts in 2002 and in 2008, the artist moved from Doumé to Douala where he launched his professional career.

The year 2013 came with a lot of happiness for the young Sathom J who recorded hisdebut album “Assis Assis” in the studio, Cimus Plus of Michel L’accord.

Young author, composer and interpreter, the artist has seen his career explode since the release of his singles “Circoncier” in 2017, “Marriage” and “Ndolo Paracetamol” in 2018.

Here is the fascinating lyrics video of Ndolo Paracetamol that will delight both your ears and your eyes!