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Booba Mocks The Draftsman Of His Trial And Promises To “Find The Author Of This Crime”

Booba joked on Instagram about a drawing of his trial. The rapper mocked the sketch and more specifically the appearance of his bodyguard, accused at his side.

Booba writes in the caption of the drawing: “Do not worry @ thiek_2.0 we will find the author of this crime!!!! # Respectwhereareyou # therespectisinthekitchen “Cheick F. is Booba’s bodyguard and appears to his left on the picture.

If he promises, with humor, to find the author of the image, Booba should not have too much trouble. This drawing, the only image of the resounding trial for his fight with Kaaris, is the work of Benoit Peyrucq, accustomed to the genre.

Booba may seek with this quip to relax waiting for the outcome of the judgment. The two rappers Booba and Kaaris, and their co-defendants, will be fixed on their fate on October 9. Judged for aggravated violence Thursday in Creteil, they face a ten-year prison sentence but the prosecutor has requested a sentence of twelve months in prison.