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SOUTH AFRICA: A married man who killed his mistress and burned her body in 2017, sentenced to 32 years in prison.

The Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg sentenced Sandile Mantsoe for the murder of her ex-girlfriend Karabo Mokoena in April 2017.

Sandile Mantsoe, who was married with three children, had been dating since 2016 with his 22-year-old victim.
In an argument, he stabbed Mokoena and tried to hide the murder by burning her body. The case was at one pointviral on social networks.

During the investigation that followed, he denied killing his ex girlfriend, he told the investigators that the latter was committed suicide by stabbing her neck at his absence, when he returned, he panicked and tried to get rid of the body by burning it.

Sandile Mantsoe apologized to Mokoena’s family during last Thursday’s verdict, apologizing for any twists he may have caused, always insisting that he did not kill.