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Tenor Announces The Lead Song Of His 1st Album “NNOM NGUI”

Be on alert! Mister Le Fiang Le Way Le Yamo, says the single may drop anytime.

Tenor just celebrated his 20 years and from all indications, the Kamer top star who is concluding his European Tour in less than 24 hours is getting set to let loose a bomb.

“NNOM NGUI” is the title of the highly anticipated single. The song whose release date is still unknown, will be released in prelude to his debut album.

In essence, “NNOM NGUI” relates the story of a supreme leader, chosen to lead by God and the people.


A formidable man among men, he serves as a shield for all peoples. He is able to master the visible and invisible world, to decipher the mysteries of day and night.

He is the holder of wisdom, protector of his people, supreme guide of the nation, the only roaster of the lower court.

With such a powerful meaning behind the lyrics, one can do nothing but keep calm, good things come to those who wait.