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Njie Moni: The Cameroonian Rising Star With The True Message For Girls

Njie Moni A.K.A The Packaging Guy is our star of the week!

The young rising star of the cameroonian music industry who hails from the North West region of the country ROCKS.

His debut single “Packaging” talks about girls and women of the 21st century who cover their natural beauty with all sorts of cosmetic products ( artificial hair and nail, lip sticks, concealers etc) with the believe that these chemicals make them look more attractive and appealing to guys.

Watching the video however, tells us otherwise; Real guys ain’t interested in all the packaging but the natural beauty.  So my ladies, do not be brainwashed by all what you see or hear from celebrities local and foreign, but be rest assured that our 237 boyz like the real products, their african queens and not the packaging.

Here’s the video just for you…watch, like, comment and above all share!!!!!